Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hats of the Old Republic

I love video games, especially role playing games.  I never got into the MMOs, at least until Star Wars: The Old Republic!  My sweetie and I have been playing since the game was released.  I am really enjoying SWTOR but there is one thing I have to complain about - the hats! 

You can get some deadly weapons and some cool-looking armor - except for the head slot!  For those of you who haven't played a role playing game, in most games you can get armor to wear that prevents or decreases the amount of damage an enemy can cause.  The armor can include a slot for the head, a helmet of some sort.  The options in SWTOR are awful!  Silly hats!  Ugly helmets!  Sometimes you can find something that is not a hat or helmet, but is a face piece or a head band.  Or things that are a combination of face piece and helmet.
I wondered if any one else was as disappointed with hats as I was.  So I googled it!
Do you like my hat?                  What?  That's a hat?!?
I found a couple of  places where people complained about the hats or posted pictures of the awful hats they found in the old republic.  The best was on TorWars.  But I am sure that I can find even better examples so I thought I would start with this one.  This is my republic character wearing a horribly ugly blindfold.

I like the idea of finding more on the hats of the old republic so keep an eye on this space!  :D