Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hats of the Old Republic, Part III

Okay, okay, this is another post about hats I have found in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  But I have and excuse: I am so excited!  My sweetie and I brought our Sith characters all the way to level 50 (max in the game) and finished our story lines!  She has been letting me steal all the hats we receive so I have got to show them off.
So.... we will return to our regular scheduling but first a word from our sponsor: Hats of the Old Republic!
Here we have Sa'die modeling the latest in Sith Fashion. But wait!  There is more!  Not only does your Sith look chic, this little number does double duty and will cut down saplings in the yard.
And here is another piece from our gardening collection - hat and edging tool!
Now Sa'die is modeling the latest in holiday wear.  Imagine how this will brighten the holiday season!
And this hat brings back that vintage sci fi look.  It just screams cyborg!