Friday, January 8, 2016

Hats of the Old Republic Part V

So many hats and so little... fashion.  I thought that it was time for more legacy headgear.  I decided to highlight the ugliest in this blog.

Today's first one reminds me of a baby pyramid head from Silent Hill 2.

Remnant Arkanian Warrior
The second piece of headgear another from the insect collection.

Remnant Dreadquard Agent
Number three in today's blog is inspired by an old-fashioned light bulb.

Remnant Underworld Warrior
And the last entry in today's blog must be my least favorite, ever!  I really dislike this one.  No wait! I need to be completely hones, I hate this one.  What is it supposed to be?  Curse of  the welding mummy?

Remnant Underworld Bounty Hunter